Health_Hunters shotguns

We're on a Fat Salt-and-Burn!!

Welcome to Health_Hunters!

Need help and support with losing weight, getting active, and staying healthy? We've got your back, if you'll have ours! Let's save people by hunting health together!

This community was created by four fans of Supernatural to provide mutual support and encouragement for folk who want to lose weight to both feel and look better. This is a virtual Roadhouse where we all can meet to share health lore and health-hunting tips, organize campaigns against fat and self-defeating thoughts and habits, arm ourselves with fat-busting recipes and exercises, and celebrate and reward each others' successes in the hunt to keep us all motivated. It's a safe place where doubts and missteps meet encouragement and compassion, and where hurtful outside judgments and discourtesy can't get past the salt lines and devil's traps marking the doors and windows.

Want to lose weight and help others do the same? Come on in; the door's open. Only evil spirits and malign influences are barred entry. The rules are simple: be kind to others and to yourself. Only members of the comm can post, and anonymous commenting will not be allowed. If you have ideas for additional tags or links, PM one of the mods so we don’t miss your ideas. If you have friends you think might benefit, whether they’re Supernatural fans or not, by all means invite them to join. We’re deliberately not posting blanket invitations in other communities, spreading the word instead only through personal journals to limit the potential incursion of demons and trolls. (If monsters turn up, they will be eliminated – we’re hunters, and we’re armed with delete keys!)

We encourage all members to share their progress, and we’ll maintain a running tally of the aggregate weight that members lose (or gain, when things don’t go so well ...). As we get to know each other, we’ll have some fun setting challenges and planning activities. Just to start, we have some nifty icons to share, designed by raloria !

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